True healing is the healing of the whole life. Anything less and we are only alleviating symptoms.

True healing requires a change in consciousness.

To be a channel for healing, or to be healed, it is essential to understand man as a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional being. True healing requires a change in consciousness towards our attitudes, beliefs, emotions and even our symptoms – especially in our relationship towards self, others and life.

If disease and disharmony trouble you it is likely that your thinking is sometimes strained and unclear. Or perhaps you easily become emotionally upset and act in ways that you later regret. All of these factors contribute to disease.

All healing begins with the willingness of the individual to help him or her self, and to be helped. When such a spirit is present between two or more people, healing and miracles can, and do, happen.

“John Christian is a very patient, persistent and loving counsellor, and will do whatever he can to help a person discover his or her problems… He is a man of great integrity and talent. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.” – Mary A. Pout, Solicitor

True healing requires a change in consciousness.