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We are our choices! 
Change your energy – Change your life!
Ready for change? 

  • ​Build self-trust and self-confidence  

  • Trust in your intuitive intelligence 

  • Become skilled at the art of relationships

  • Learn how to manage change masterfully 

  • Establish balance in mind, body and spirit

  • Be a magnet for success

  • Understand the process of manifesting 

  • Let your Yes mean Yes and Your No mean No.

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Coaching helps you develop skills to build strength of character, and self-esteem and I create and maintain supportive relationship with you and all my clients, to help  you manage stress related situations with little to no anxiety.

Learn how to achieve a better life/work balance with your own creative potential through online coaching via social media,  face-to-face sessions and training programs.

If you have questions and would like to know more about how I can help you or your team click below and 
make a difference right now.
Are you ready for change? 
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Vocal Confidence Coaching 

for presentations, public speaking, performances

Overcome the fear of speaking or singing in public.


The young lady standing next to me, loved talking and singing, when she was a child, but she was often told to "shut up", or "to be quiet!" This made her feel insecure whenever she needed to speak or wanted to sing.


As you can see, she overcame her deep rooted fear of speaking and singing when she attended one of my workshops.


It's so rewarding to see my clients overcome their fears and find the courage to sing or speak in public.


 ''John, I feel free for the first time in my life'' 

Uplifting and Inspirational Songs
to help you relax and to find your voice for public speaking

Available to download for only £10.00 Individual tracks £1.50
Watching You, Watching Me
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One Moment in Time
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