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Vocal-confidence coaching

"My years of experience in being a performer and presenter has given me a unique set of skills. I know just what it's like to have a fear of speaking in public... and what it takes to overcome it. My supportive, life-balance coaching will help give you the confidence you need to find your own inner voice."


I can help you find your authentic voice.









One young person who attended my training was often told as a child, to "shut up", or "be quiet!" whenever she sang or spoke or sang. This left her feeling terrified of making mistakes in public.  


After participating in my training program, she not only overcame her fears of speaking and singing, she was empowered and had the courage to sing and speak on a stage with an audience of over 50 people.

This very happy young person said to me;   ''John, I feel free for the first time in my life''  


Overcome your fear of speaking in public.

Do you dread chairing meetings, making speeches and presentations? Would you like to stop being anxious about being in front of an audience? I can help you gain the confidence to speak in front of others, presenting your ideas or leading the meeting.


Want to learn more about how to grow your own creativity?
You can listen to my latest podcast here.

Uplifting and Inspirational Songs
to help you relax into your personal heart space

Each album is available to download for £9.99
Individual tracks £1.00 ~
Watching You, Watching Me
Watching You Watching Me by John Christian Singer and Coach Life Balance Portal.jpg
One Moment in Time
One Heart In Time by John Christian Singer and Coach Life Balance Portal.jpg
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