Skills for Life Balance 

Online Training Programme

Peace of mind is a fundamental ingredient for a balanced, productive lifestyle.

This requires the ability to manage your mental, emotional and physical responses and reactions.

All of this can be achieved with the right coaching and understanding. 

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Skills for Life Balance - for Personal Satisfaction  

In today’s 24-hour culture, your life becomes busier and more complex and your work/life balance can easily soon be unstable, tiring and confusing.

The modules within this course have been developed to help you achieve a healthier life/work balance by showing you ways to manage your stress and anxiety.

This online course helps you develop skills and behaviours that help you build your self-confidence and can give you a more relaxed lifestyle, healthy, happy.

You can learn how to tap into your inner wisdom to make decisions that are true to your authentic self, and what you want from your life, for yourself.

You can learn exactly how to achieve a better life/work balance and work with your own creativity so that you can reach your potential and be fulfilled in life.

Trust your Intuitive Intelligence 

Build self-trust and self-confidence

Become skilled at the art of relationships

Learn how to manage change masterfully 

Establish balance in mind, body and spirit

Be a magnet for success

Feel good in your own skin

Understand the process of manifesting 

Let your 'yes' mean Yes, and your 'no' mean No! ​

For full details on the 10 modules, and how you can enrol onto
Skills For Life Balance Training, simply click on the link below.

Are You Ready To Change?

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When you take this
Life Balance Course
you learn life skills that can open doors you've only ever 
dreamed of.

Skills for Life Balance - for Business Success

This business-focused online course is the perfect way to get a competitive edge for yourself and your organisation.

This course can help you realise your potential in your current role, prepare you for the possibility of promotion, or reinforce your natural abilities with more refined techniques and best industry practices.

It is important to stress that this is an online course and specifically designed for your convenience. Distance learning is particularly suited to higher business education, as it fits around your busy schedule yet delivers real, career-changing learning experiences. You can study when you like, with no deadlines or any test dates. 


For full details on the 10 modules, and how you can enrol onto the online 
Skills For Life Balance Training, simply click on the link below.

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