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My Story


I spent my early life chasing fame and 'success' whilst I tried to work out who I was. how I was going live my life and how I was going to make my mark in the world. My particular way of doing this was to entertain audiences as a comedian, a singer and an actor.

I was funny and I sang well so I found the success I was hoping for. I had a hit song, multiple TV appearances on popular shows and a life travelling the world. I looked for acclaim and worldly material success which reached its height when I the parents of the Bee Gees, began managing my career  and I found myself in the company of many great artists, several of whom became close friends.

To be honest I loved it. I had started life from humble beginnings, with a loving parents and a sister, a normal post war upbringing where everyone was getting on with their lives and building the country back up but my father died young and I realised life was for living and so I threw myself into a very exciting, albeit uncomfortable life of travelling and gigging around the UK. I became a Blue Coat at the Butlins holiday camps and honed my craft. 


But despite the glamour and success, I felt nervous every time I went on stage and I the life I was living felt shallow. I wanted to be more authentic and have more meaning in my life. I have purpose, and goals but they were all about achieving worldly success and I wanted more. I wanted more of something but I didn;t know what that 'more' was.

So, I began searching the world to find true happiness and the meaning of life. I spent many years studying with spiritual masters, travelling to distant lands, to meet with shaman and leaders of hidden tribes, and many healers and leaders teachers who showed me the answers, These answers were already within me, and I found ways to connect with my spiritual love, knowledge and mission.

Since my own healing and awakening I have shared the simple but empowering teachings of these spiritual masters with thousands upon thousands of people as I continue to travel this wonderful world that we have all been given the responsibility to love and care for. 

My mission has been to help you to find your own answers too. I help you awaken to your own spiritual self, energy and truth so that you can live an authentic life, true to yourself that will help you to follow your deeply felt intuition and understanding so that you can also be fulfilled and enjoy a health life with healthy relationships and a healthy sense of belonging and purpose.

Watch more below the interview on the Voice of London on ALB UK TV 
in which I tell more about my journey and explain exactly how I have helped
hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives too.

Fix yourself a coffee and watch Ian Pelham-Turner interview me,
it could have the answer you're looking for. 

(25 mins) 

Scroll down and take a look at my favourite book that I was honoured to contribute to. 
Life Shift Stories is a collection of unique stories that help you to find your own path.

My story gives you more detail of my spiritual encounters with spiritual leaders of an unworldly and still reclusive, hidden tribe in South America, my time spent with the enlightened Tamo San in Japan and my years studying with Paul Solomon in his Mystery School as well as the renowned writer and speaker Sir George Trevelyan. 


Life Shift Stories

A special collection of exciting and revealing personal experiences that changed our lives and how each of us were guided by our own very different inner voices of spiritual intuition
Be inspired by these fascinating stories brought together in this unique book to encourage and inspire you.

Available on Amazon 

How to Develop Your Intuitive Intelligence

FREE  Normally $15

Download this FREE e-book now to find out how I can help you transform your business and your life.


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See this below

We all need to have fun in life and work so, although I take my coaching sessions and seminars very seriously, I like to keep the atmosphere and your energy lightened with warmth and  humour, especially when working in larger groups and seminars.

Here is a chance to see another aspect pf my work as a professional actor.

As a professional actor and coach, I am constantly being asked to jump into the unknown. 
I encourage you to do the same , because you'll find you can gain so many rewards when you reach the other side of your fears. 

I can help you understand and manage your fears so that you feel free to move on with your life in a balanced and harmonious way.

I offer a free call if you'd like a chat to find out more.  

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