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My Story

"In my early years, like many,
I took on the belief
that I could only be truly happy IF..."​


The power of beliefs 
The question is, does happiness really only happen 'if'. For me, it was...

IF I could be clever academically
IF people liked me
IF I were rich or famous
IF I found someone to love and to be loved by...

Unfortunately, such belief systems often lead us to believe that we are lacking in some way, which sets us on an insatiable path of hunger to seek love, approval and a sense of security from external sources. Self-belief, self-trust, self-love, self-respect and personal responsibility are essential for a healthy, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Catch part of my interview with Ian Pelham Turner on the 'Voice of London' - ALB UK TV, where I share more about my journey and how it helped me help those who come to me for life balance coaching.
 lasting approximately 25 minutes, might just provide the answer you've been seeking.
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Life Shift Stories

by Ofkje Teekens and Mona Winbrant

When I was asked to submit my story for the Inspirational Collection, Life Shift Stories, I was delighted. It's the kind of book you read when you are ready for change, but struggling to find the way to do it.

It includes stories from many disparate people like Indie award-winning Clinton Harris, to highly-resilient Alexa Covelli, to one of the authors, Mona Winbrant. Scattered around the world and living lives unique to ourselves, we all had one thing in common - we had all experienced a life event that modified the course of our lives and changed us in a radical and structural way. 

My story tells of encounters with four different types of people that all had a lasting effect on my life; the spiritual leaders of an unworldly and still reclusive tribe in South America; the enlightened Tamo San in Japan; studying with Paul Solomon in his Mystery School; and discussions with the renowned writer and speaker, Sir George Trevelyan. 

I hope our stories, available on Amazon, help to encourage and inspire you on your own journey of self discovery.

We all need to have fun in life and work so, although I take my coaching sessions and seminars very seriously, I like to keep the atmosphere and your energy lightened with warmth and humour, especially when working in larger groups and seminars.

As a professional actor and coach, I am constantly being asked to jump into the unknown. I encourage you to do the same because you'll find you can gain so many rewards when you reach the other side of your fears. I can help you understand and manage your fears so that you feel free to move on with your life in a balanced and harmonious way.I offer a free call if you'd like a chat to find out more.  

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