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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy relates to the website



At Life Balance Portal we value your privacy and keeping your personal information secure. We are compliant with the E.U. General Data Privacy Regulation Act (GDPR)  and the U.S.A. Children’s On-Line Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)


Data Collection

When you interact and communicate with Life Balance Portal using our website, we may collect some of your personal and non-personal information directly in order to provide our services to you.

This information may include your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, contact preferences, and/or social media credentials.

We may use your personal information to send you information about our services, products newsletters, updates, offers, tips and articles/blogs.

We may use your non-personal demographic information such as age, gender, occupation, geographic location, area code/zip code.


Every communication will provide you with an opt-out option if you no longer wish to receive information from us and you can have your information removed from our database.

On a yearly basis, we will request your permission to continue holding your personal information, at which point you can opt out from receiving further communication from us and your information will be deleted from our records.

You can request access to data Life Balance Portal keeps about you and you can have information amended or deleted from our records by contacting Life Balance Portal directly at



Social Media

Life Balance Portal may collect information about you if you interact with us to join events, sign up for newsletters and other communications  using social media such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Linked-In, Twitter, Pinterest and others. This information may be used to improve our products and services to clients/customers.



No Spam

Life Balance Portal will not use the information you give us to spam you with unsolicited messages or emails. You will only receive communication from us if you have agreed to do so.


Third-Party Disclosure

You have the right to view all data that Life Balance Portal holds on you may need to share information with other companies such as website hosts, email, webinar and event platforms and accountants, who service our website and other facilities however, this is only when it is an unavoidable part of the process of using their services.

Some basic information will be given to other sites that service our website, emails, webinars, events other business and marketing requirements however, your information will not be sold or given to any other sites or companies.

When you leave this website via a link to use a third party service, you are subject to that third party’s privacy policy and are covered by their policies and no longer covered by Life Balance Portal Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to disclose any data if we reasonably, believe that disclosure is necessary in order to protect our customers, clients or the public from fraud or financial malpractice when accessing this website or purchasing goods and services through Life Balance Portal

Life Balance Portal will ensure that website users, customers, clients and public will be informed of any such disclosures.


We will not share information about you or your family with any third parties for their marketing purposes however,  if you are a resident in California, U.S.A. and you would like to check this, please send an email to with ‘California Privacy Request’ in the subject line and include the website URL that you are inquiring about, along with your name, address and e-mail address in your message. We will respond to you within thirty days of receiving such a request.



Protecting Children

The Secret Calm Ltd. only delivers services to clients who are 18 years of age and older.

All of our physical and digital products, our resources, books, videos and audios and on-line materials are designed so as not to appeal to children or include images of children.
Should Life Balance Portal unknowingly, receive personal information about a child under 18 years of age we will immediately remove that data from our database.

If you believe Life Balance Portal has received any information from a child under 18 years of age, please contact us at -


No Cookies

Life Balance Portal does not currently use cookies in its websites.
Cookies are added to your devices in order to identify your on-line behaviour such as what you commonly, regularly search for and which styles of advertising you prefer.

No cookies are currently used on this website however, if you click on any links to other external websites, they may use cookies.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please email us at

This Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time and you will be notified by email so that you can revisit this page to review the information.



Questions about this Privacy Policy may be directed to us in writing at -



Last Updated: 14th December 2021

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