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To Inform and Inspire

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by John Christian


We all want to love, be loved, and feel that our life has meaning and purpose.

From the wells spring of love is born the inspiration for many of man's greatest achievements in poetry, art, song, dance, and other numerous forms of creativity. It is said that love is the answer to all of mankind’s ills! The warm glow of a loving mind and heart is like sunlight to flowers. Research has proven that children raised in a loving environment develop quicker than children raised in an unloving environment.


This is also true of adults and all living things.

When we have accomplished the ability to love ourselves unconditionally, we will automatically be inclined to give unconditional love to others. When we become so confident and secure in our own body we begin to feel the vitality of love welling up from deep within ourselves. Then we can love freely without even requiring love in return.


If we consider love not just as a desired human emotion, but as a life-giving transformational force it soon becomes apparent, that without an educated understanding of love's mysterious workings within our daily lives, we are like parachutists without parachutes.

Love is the untapped potential in the human body. The power of our beliefs literally rearranges the atom and the molecules that create our experiences. By changing our beliefs and the way we choose to feel we can literally rearrange the stuff that our inner world and physical world are made of!

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by John Christian

Intuition is a higher faculty of our conscious intelligence. It is a direct knowing that does not require former experience of or belief in, in order to know.

Your intuition is, without doubt, you’re most valuable asset and your best friend. It is your inner wisdom and guidance system.

Too much thinking blocks spontaneous intuitive responses. What we need to develop are the skills of listening to and trusting in our innate intuitive intelligence, which is simply a sense perception that allows us the ability to define right from wrong, truth and reality.

Intuition is a survival skill that can be used to steer us away from danger and towards happiness and success. Developing intuition through practice and application is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself.

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by John Christian


Every day, I do my best to keep a balance between work, business, and wellbeing. As a coach/therapist, I have often seen and heard of the problems that a lack of lifestyle balance can lead too. This has made me even more determined to live a life and not just live a living.

Many business owners and managers have said to me ''I KNOW I should stop, but I don't have time for that!'' This often results in undue stress and burnout, causing problems in many areas of their lives. Moreover, all because of not listening to, trusting in, and acting upon the intuitive awareness that is prompting them from within. It prompts us to do the right thing by others and ourselves.

Personally, I think the price of not listening is a price too high to pay. I meditate daily, as part of my practice in keeping a balance between inner and outer activity.

My motto is ''Live a life, not only a living''

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by John Christian


The time is now, to break boundaries of fear, so you can live the life you have always imagined.


One of our greatest fears is of speaking in public. For some this fear can be so debilitating that even speaking to friends can be an issue as was the case in my life as a young man. In those times, I never in a million years would have imagined that I would go on to become a professional, singer, comedian, actor and public speaker.

Even now if I am faced with a new task or performance role, the temptation of self-doubt and insecurity tries to rise again and steal away the beauty of the moment. Fortunately, my life’s experience has taught me how to manage and cope effectively with such moments. These abilities are what I now consider real life skills that can be learned.

Although life presents us with opportunities to overcome our fears and lack of self-trust and self-belief, unfortunately we all too often stop at the door of fear and never find out what is waiting on the other side. Which is more often than not the great relief of having at least starting to overcome the illusion of fears the formerly held us back.

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by John Christian


I've had plenty of time & above all experience in the performing arts to meet my own and others’ Egos in action. Learning from Ego is often a bittersweet experience. Bitter, if you don't like what you see in yourself, and sweet if you are willing to learn & grow from it.

During my 30-year career as a professional performer and presenter, I've heard many negative references to the Ego and very few positive. There are many faces and traits to our Ego’s. If we are to consider, what we call "Ego" to be an essential energy field that we each omit in order to survive, then our Ego also becomes the reflection of our character, or lack of character!

In moments of insecurity, or false self-importance, we omit a tangible energy-field that we are instantly affected by. In such moments, our performance or self-image is most likely to be undermined and flawed with too much attention being


People & audiences rarely ever respond well to such a person, or performer.

So clearly, there are pitfalls to overcome in our own Ego, as we learn to be a master performer with a healthy Ego. Yes, healthy Ego! We emanate a healthy ego when we have developed core strength of self-trust, in which we trust ourselves firstly as an individual, then as a performer.


In my experience, the world of performing arts presents us with perfect opportunities for learning how to transform an unhealthy ego, into a healthy ego.


An individual with a healthy Ego is a master of themselves and of their art. They trust themselves to rise above the temptations of any ego-based insecurities and to transform fear and self-doubt into the piece de resistance of a performance.


To an insecure and self-catered individual this requires dedication, commitment and experience in order to perfect. When we have grown to trust ourselves there is no ego calling for attention or adoration out of insecurity needs, therefore we are free to love the art of the performance and to emanate the light, joy and love of our performance to our audience.

Self-doubt and insecurity always drain the performer and the performance, self-trust and self-confidence always empower and enhance the performer and the performance. To love what we do, to be authentic about it and to share it with others is our greatest gift and honour. When we let our life shine, we empower other to do likewise.

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