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"I've found that the benefits
of workplace coaching often flow 
into one's personal life."


Group Coach / Motivational Speaker

John Christian is a charismatic and engaging speaker who uses all of his life skills to give audiences far more than they are expecting. He speaks in an authentic and sincere way, learned and developed over years of extensive life coaching, ensuring each person feels inspired to take positive steps forward.

His unique approach mixes humour with wisdom, and is both practical and easily applied to life, business, relationships, communication and creativity.

In short, if you are looking for a speaker at your seminar, conference, retreat or event, John is a highly experienced inspirational motivator.

          Small Group Coaching          

Do you like being part of a group that gives you encouragement and the chance to make new friends that understand you? Small group coaching sessions give you insights that you cannot find on your own and, as you share ideas and experiences in a supportive group, you can achieve the results you deserve. In this 6-session package you can overcome your anxieties and poor self-esteem so that your way forward becomes clearer. 

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          Corporate Coaching          

Do you need deeply empowering training for your team? If you need to implement significant change in the way your colleagues drive your company's future growth, this training package develops authentic self-belief, underpins negotiation and effective communication, and empowers intrinsic leadership skills. Coaching workshops and seminars are 100% focused on getting the best from your team, securing your company's resilience and  success.

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