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Inspirational and Uplifting  Songs 

my personal collections of songs
- only available here through Life Balance Portal -

Each album is available to download for £9.99
Individual tracks £1.00 ~

From quite a young age I found my particular way of making my mark on the world was to entertain audiences as a comedian, a singer and an actor.

I found success when the parents of the Bee Gees managed my career and I enjoyed the popularity of having a hit song and multiple TV appearances on popular shows. I found myself living an amazing life travelling the world in the company of many great artists, several of whom became close friends.

I choose my songs to inspire you and help you awaken to your own spiritual self, so that you can also be fulfilled and enjoy a health life with healthy relationships and a healthy sense of belonging and purpose.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed singing them for you.

Book Me to Sing and Entertain Your Guests

You can contact me here and we can discuss your requirements.

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Want to learn more about how to grow your own creativity?
You can listen to my latest podcast here.

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