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John Christian heart-centred life coach - personal sessions, group events, voice coaching. UK, Algarve, Holland, Thailand
"I believe in you. Do you?"

John Christian 

'' To know but not to do is not to know."

Chinese Proverb

"I've found that the benefits
of coaching in the workplace
often flow over
into one's personal life."
John Christian heart-centred coaching in the UK.

Meet John

John Christian, life coach, at a group workshop in Slovenia

Drawing on his extensive and diverse background in entertainment, coaching, and presenting, John Christian has synthesized his knowledge and experiences into a transformative blueprint for a joyful and satisfying life.


With a unique and personalized approach, John infuses every platform and setting with a sense of joy and humour. Whether he is focused on helping others with life coaching or business management, or pursuing his acting career, his style creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere.


Through his extensive travels, John has cultivated exceptional communication and intuitive skills, which he incorporates into his teaching. His teachings blend the wisdom of both Western and Eastern philosophies, providing a holistic approach to personal development. At the core of his philosophy is a deep commitment to fostering the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

How may I support you?

Individually, in small group workshops or in corporate seminars 
I guide you through a series of simple, highly-efficient exercises and techniques, that can give you the essential skills you need to be fulfilled, such as:

How to listen to your natural body wisdom
How to establish rapport and enjoy happy relationships
How to understand and master your emotions
How to develop effective and constructive habits

Contact Me

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Contact Me

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You are welcome to speak to me in person to find out how I can work with you and how I can help you or your team, achieve the transformation you want.

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