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What others have to say about me.

Business Conference

"Great start-middle-and-end of the morning. Entertaining, productive and relaxing. What could be better?"

"John Christian, you help people connect deeply with themselves."

"Starting with a song, John stole our hearts and attention from the very first moment. A great event and thank you both."

Nina Peutherer
John Stokoe 
Jason Evers
Alexander Keehnen
John Stokoe 

Our exciting keynote speaker last month was John Christian and he inspired the room.

I’ve known John for over 25 years and he’s always been consistent in his intention, which has always been to bring us into awareness of our magnificent potential so that we can ultimately, be happier in our success.

There’s a lot of honest connection as John speaks straight to the deepest part of us that wants to live a more fulfilled and successful life.
John’s consistency, throughout the many years I’ve known him, means I have arranged many opportunities, similar to this, where in a fairly small event, more of us can benefit from his insights.
And because I have seen sincere transformations in mindset, self-belief and confidence, I truly believe that you’ll love what you experience and learn in this special one-day event.

Lynn Vereenooghe

School Principal
Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine

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You are welcome to speak to me in person to find out how I can work with you and how I can help you, or your team, achieve the transformation you want.

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