John Christian 

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I believe in you, do you?

''To know but not to do is not to know''

Chinese Proverb

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It's not enough to know. 
have to know HOW to move 'knowing into

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Meet John

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John Christian has distilled knowledge and experience gained from a diverse career in entertainment, coaching and presenting into a formula for a happy and fulfilling life.

John’s individual approach brings joy and humour to every platform or environment in which he works, whether it is business management, life coaching or his ongoing acting career.

His positive communication and intuitive skills have been developed and honed through extensive travel, and his teaching incorporates the best of western and eastern philosophies. Fundamentally, he is committed to nurturing the mind, body and spirit. 

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How may I support you?

Individually, in small group workshops or in corporate seminars 
I guide you through a series of simple, highly efficient exercises and techniques, that can give you the essential skills you need to be fulfilled, such as:

How to listen to your natural body wisdom
How to establish rapport and enjoy happy relationships
How to understand and master your emotions
How to develop effective and constructive habits

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You are welcome to speak to me in person to find out how I can work with you and how I can help you or your team, achieve the transformation you want.