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John Christian, life balance coach.
"Life-balance coaching helps you develop skills
and build strength of character
as well as self-esteem.
Throughout the process, I maintain
a supportive relationship with you, 
helping you to manage stress-related situations with little to no anxiety."


Life-balance Coaching

Get to Know Us

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  • Build self-trust and self-confidence  
  • Learn how to manage change effectively 

  • Trust in your intuitive intelligence 

  • Become skilled at the art of relationships

  • Understand the process of manifesting 

  • Let your Yes mean Yes and your No mean No

  • Establish balance in mind, body and spirit

  • Be a magnet for success


                      Personal Coaching                       

A personal coaching session is one-on-one to enhance the positive benefits of life coaching.

Personal life-balance coaching sessions focus on you having clarity and path to achieving the results you deserve.

              Online Life Balance Coaching             

Join Life Balance Portal-website (propos

By exploring effective stress and anxiety management techniques, this online course equips you with the tools to cultivate self-confidence and establish a more relaxed lifestyle, promoting overall well-being and happiness.

     Group Coaching and Corporate Speaker     

John Christian life coach speaker at a performance enhancing corporate coaching session

There is often a marked improvement in company dynamics and work performance after group coaching. Or, perhaps, it's just a conference speaker you're after. 

                         Voice Coaching                          

Do you dread chairing meetings, making speeches and presentations? Would you like to stop being anxious about being in front of an audience? I can help.

John Christian helps people find their voice in situations that used to be fearful.
Whether you wish to learn how to overcome a fear, increase your self-confidence, improve your relationships, figure out how to achieve a positive life/work balance or something else altogether, finding the right life coach is all important.  

If you would like to know more about how my unique mix of mental, physical and spiritual life-balance coaching can help you or your team, I offer a FREE half-hour introductory session via WhatsApp or Zoom.

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Watching You Watching Me by John Christian Singer and Coach Life Balance Portal.jpg
Watching You,
Watching Me
One Heart In Time by John Christian Singer and Coach Life Balance Portal.jpg
One Moment
in Time

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