Learning from Experience

Updated: Apr 23

Every day, I do my best to keep a balance between work, business, and wellbeing. As a coach/therapist, I have often seen and heard of the problems that a lack of lifestyle balance can lead too. This has made me even more determined to live a life and not just live a living.

Many business owners and managers have said to me ''I KNOW I should stop, but I don't have time for that!'' This often results in undue stress and burnout, causing problems in many areas of their lives. Moreover, all because of not listening to, trusting in, and acting upon the intuitive awareness that is prompting them from within. It prompts us to do the right thing by others and ourselves.

Personally, I think the price of not listening is a price too high to pay. I meditate daily, as part of my practice in keeping a balance between inner and outer activity.

My motto is ''Live a life, not only a living''

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