The Alchemy of Love

We all want to love, be loved, and feel that our life has meaning and purpose.

From the wells spring of love is born the inspiration for many of man's greatest achievements in poetry, art, song, dance, and other numerous forms of creativity. It is said that love is the answer to all of mankind’s ills! The warm glow of a loving mind and heart is like sunlight to flowers. Research has proven that children raised in a loving environment develop quicker than children raised in an unloving environment.

This is also true of adults and all living things.

When we have accomplished the ability to love ourselves unconditionally, we will automatically be inclined to give unconditional love to others. When we become so confident and secure in our own body we begin to feel the vitality of love welling up from deep within ourselves. Then we can love freely without even requiring love in return.

If we consider love not just as a desired human emotion, but as a life-giving transformational force it soon becomes apparent, that without an educated understanding of love's mysterious workings within our daily lives, we are like parachutists without parachutes.

Love is the untapped potential in the human body. The power of our beliefs literally rearranges the atom and the molecules that create our experiences. By changing our beliefs and the way we choose to feel we can literally rearrange the stuff that our inner world and physical world are made of!

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